Your treasured beast - Kingdom of the Beast series


Kingdom of the Beast Series

In the season of recovery, you may wish to take a trip to the jungle to capture the unpredictable beauty of nature. The different forms of rare animals and street punks add a touch of mystery to the new season. Marino teamed up with the LEVVV and ANDERLOS brands to interpret the new designer cross-border cooperation!

The inspirational element of the sky opens up a fantasy kingdom and a beast, bringing together different attitudes such as wildness, exaggeration, turmoil, punk, kaleidoscope, etc., to showcase a rich and varied personal style. This series reflects the freedom of transcending tradition, type and label.


Wilderness Print

The leopard's ever-changing variety, with the colorful design of the markings, the gentle lazyness of the leopard, the gestures are pleasant and pleasant. The leopard has the lazy mysterious temperament of the cat family. It also has the characteristics of wildness and agility. It travels through the wilderness of the tropical garden, bringing fresh colors to the hot summer, breaking the spirit of being unconstrained by the world. A wonderful trip.

Buck Tiger

Street Aritise

"Never be afraid to release its wild side"

Through rich colors and colorful styles, the designer combines the current trend of graffiti elements to interpret the unrestrained and unrestrained street trend culture, unblocking the tiger as the re-interpretation of the king of beasts, subverting tradition to give young meaning and interpreting it. New meaning.

Hiss Snake

Street Aritise

Dating back to Greek mythology, the snake symbolizes the unity of the four gods of the universe and is the source of the power of Pharaoh. Plays an important role in symbolizing life, it represents healing, death and rebirth. The shape of the snake is subtly captured by the designer, or the graceful or wild gesture is interpreted to the fullest, even the tail and letter of the snake are ingeniously The ground highlights creativity and creates an unparalleled atmosphere.